Monday, August 18, 2008

Twelfth Day With Sergey

(Thursday 8/14) We left Mitchell for Rapid City to attend a family wedding Friday night. If you don't stop, it takes 3.75 hrs. by car. Sergey's opinion of traveling by car has changed since we picked him up. Now he doesn't mind it because they play computer games and gameboy in the car (yes we make them read books too). I'm sure traveling by car in Ukraine isn't nearly so "luxurious"! Also a few breaks along the way helps, like the cool rest area at Chamberlain with the Lewis and Clark exhibit, and Wall Drug.

We were late leaving home and so that messed up our plans to hike Harney Peak that day. Instead, we went to Mount Rushmore in the evening. It worked out OK though, since we got to see the lighting ceremony, which is kinda cool.

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