Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ninth Day With Sergey

(Monday 8/11) Not much to report on this day regarding the boys. The big news for us was that Nancy had outpatient surgery on her broken wrist to insert a plate with screws and pins. She'll have that in there for the rest of her life.

Something about last Friday I didn't blog about but will now. On Thurday night, when we were in the ER, they made an appt. for her to see an orthopedic surgeon first thing on Friday morning. The local surgeon is on vacation, so there was another one subbing for him for a couple of weeks. He's a young guy from out of town and was just so kind to us during the appt.

We went into the hospital at 6:30 AM for checkin and prep, and Nancy was in surgery by about 8:30. Everything went fine without any complications. Now this is what I wanted to tell you about. Some time during the course of the day Nancy had struck up a conversation about spiritual things with him and learned that he was a Christian. He told her that he was preparing to go on a 2 year medical mission trip to Africa, and she told him about our upcoming adoptions. Later, after the surgery and Nancy was recovering in her room, he came by to check on her and we had a real long conversation about Christ, the Bible, his family, adoption, missions, churches in Mitchell, etc. We invited him to our church this coming Sunday and he said he would come. He was probably in Nancy's room for about 1/2 hr. just chatting with us. At the end, he asked if he could pray for her and us. Of course, we said yes and he said that he had already been praying for her before the surgery. How do you like that? We thought that was very awesome.

Nancy recovered quickly and I took her home at about 1:30. The boys stayed with Mark's friend until supper time. The staff at Nancy's office bought us Ruby Tuesday's takeout and delivered it to us at home. That was very thoughtful of them and very much appreciated. We then all pretty much relaxed and watched the Olympics.

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