Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fifteenth Day With Sergey

(Sunday 8/17) Sunday is church day. Nancy and Sergey went to church at Northridge Baptist, Where John Tolly is the lead pastor. Mark and I went to our own church, First Reformed. After church, we met the Tolly's for lunch at Pizza Ranch.

After lunch, we all spent the afternoon swimming at the Mitchell pool. The Tolly girls had fun trying to catch Sergey in the pool. It was impossible; he is a very good swimmer.

Since Sunday night was Sergey's last night in Mitchell, we just relaxed and watched a movie together. Then early to bed for everyone since school started on Monday.

I want to tell you about something else Sergey did while we were at Pizza Ranch. After we had eaten, we adults were sitting around and visiting, but the kids were over in the arcade watching and playing video games. Nancy had given Sergey several quarters to play the games, and he eventually came back asking for more. Nancy told him no, no more that was enough video games, but he begged for just one more quarter. She gave in and he disappeared for awhile. Later, he came back with this silver ring for her. He had gotten it out of one of those gumball machines that gives out those little toys. You know what I mean. He had taken that quarter and purchased the ring. Of course Nancy loved it.

In fact, just today she got the ring back from the jeweler's. She had it mounted on a pendant. When Nancy explained the ring to him, he did it for her at no charge. Very nice of him.

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