Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eleventh Day With Sergey

(Wednesday 8/13) This was another quiet day for the boys. It will be the last quiet day that Sergey has with us. Thursday, we head to Rapid City and the Black Hills for a family wedding and some sightseeing. I'll blog as I'm able. I have found it difficult to find the time to blog since Sergey has been here.

Janell Tolly, Lienna, Morgan, and Tanya stopped by at lunch time and brought us borscht to eat. It is a soup made from beets, with other things in it, like meat. I had read about borscht on other blogs and was glad to get a chance to try it. They also brought us all the fixins, too, like bread, bananas, strawberries, and sour cream. We all enjoyed a meal like the Ukrainians have. Lienna and Tanya are bio sisters that were adopted by the Tolly's from Ukraine last year. Their English is coming along nicely. The last time I saw them, we weren't able to talk, so that was fun visiting with them.

The girls were wanting to see how well they could remember Russian, so they tried to get Sergey to speak in Russian to them, but he just absolutely refuses to speak Russian ever. Which is disappointing. At least this time he would actually talk to them, unlike Sunday when he ran away and refused to meet them.

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