Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eighth Day With Sergey

(Sunday 8/10) Sunday morning, we attended our church, First Reformed Church.

After lunch, we attended a party at Lake Mitchell to celebrate Mark's friend Ryan's birthday. Mark and Ryan have known each other forever. They attended school together every grade through 7th. Sadly (for us), Ryan and his family moved to Iowa (Iowa!) for a new job. Ryan and his family came up to Mitchell with some of his new Iowa buddies for a party at the lake.

Everyone enjoyed swimming, tubing, and waverunning. Is that a word? Sergey enjoyed the water, natch.

That building in the background in the last picture with Nancy and Sergey is the Mitchell Archeodome, where they do archeology of ancient plains Indians.

One incident we had with Sergey at the party was when the Tolly's stopped by. They had wanted to meet Sergey. They adopted Lienna and Tanya from Ukraine last year. Sergey was over somewhere else and I asked him to come over for a second to say hello to them. He refused and ran away saying he didn't want to. I told him that that was very rude and asked him again to go say hello. Still refused. I told him he would lose privileges and he still wouldn't budge. So he lost Gameboy and iPod privileges for the day on Monday. I know he has his reasons for not wanting to meet them. He is embarrassed in some way about being from Ukraine. He has been living on his own, so to speak, at the orphanage. But even so, it is not too early for him to start learning who is in charge.

After the party, Mark and Sergey stayed overnight at one of Mark's friend's house because Nancy was scheduled to be at the hospital 6:30 Monday morning for surgery.

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