Monday, August 4, 2008

First Day with Sergiy

(Sunday 8/3) The day started with a 4:45 AM wakeup call at the hotel in Minneapolis (MSP). I got on the airport shuttle at 5:30, in the air by 8:00. Flew 2 hr. 15 min. to Sergiy's city, and met him and C. at the gate. It was nice to finally meet her and to visit a little, but we didn't have much time, as they were a little late getting there. It is a big airport. It was also nice to meet Sergiy. :-) BTW Sergiy informs me that his name is spelled Sergiy not Sergei. So sorry. I'll fix it on the blog soon. I was very surprised at how well Sergiy speaks English. Only occasionally does he have to pause when he is trying to explain something. C. and her family have been paying to have Sergiy tutored in English back in Ukraine, plus he has lived with them since June 19.

On the plane ride back to MSP, we visited, looked out the window, looked at the map of the US to see where we were, ate, goofed off, looked at a book about Odessa that I brought, etc. I have heard from many that Sergiy likes to joke and that is definitely true. He likes to pull your leg.

At the airport, Nancy and Mark met us. Nancy had a banner made, which embarrassed Sergiy. But I think he liked it, though. ;-)

We took the airport shuttle back to our car at the hotel, then headed over to the Mall of America, which is right next to the airport. It is an enourmous mall, I think the largest one in the US. I believe there is a larger one in Canada somewhere, but MOA is in this Phase II thing to add on, to reclaim the title of the largest shopping mall in the world.

Anyway, they also have a small amusement park in the center of the mall. We wanted to do a test run to see how well Sergiy handles rollercoasters and such before going to Valleyfair. Let me say he is fearless and loves them.

The MOA also has an aquarium, so we got to see sharks and stingrays and other sea critters. We also got to pet some stingrays and little sharks. He loved that.

By 8:00 we were all tired out, so we got a quick supper at Boston Market and headed to our niece Sabrina's house. We are staying with her and her husband while we are here in MSP. Just as we expected, Sparkle was glad to meet Sergiy! Sabrina and her husband are the ones adopting from Chile.

Mark and Sergiy are getting along well. This morning Sergiy was jumping and laying on Mark to wake him up.

Today, we all slept in, will be heading over to Valleyfair for some "serious" rollercoasters. Unfortunately there is a 30% chance of thinderstorms or rain showers today. I hope the weather cooperates.

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