Friday, August 21, 2009

Her First Birthday Party. EVER.

Monday will be Valya's 15th birthday. Tonight, we will be visiting Nancy's sister's family to have a birthday party for her with several of our relatives. We will have another party for her here at home with some of her friends on Monday evening.

I was tucking her into bed last night, and she was all smiley. She said, Today was good day. All day was good day.
Me: How come?
V: I don't know. Maybe because presents tomorrow.
Me: Oh you're happy about your party?
V: (Big smile) Yes...
Me: Have you ever had a birthday party before?
V: No.
Me: Not even before the intyernat with your family?
V: No.

Valya was seven when she entered the orphanage. Her previous family life was not good, but even so it took me by surprise that they never celebrated her birthday, not even once. The Andreyevo orphanage would sometimes have group birthday parties in the dining hall where they would have cake (tort they call it). But no decorations and never for just one kid. And no presents.

So tonight, we will add to her list of firsts by celebrating her, and while we're at it, her birthday, too.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of School

School started for the kids today, Valya is in 7th grade, Sergey in 6th, and Mark is in 9th. The kids had a busy summer, and I must have too, because I didn't update the blog much. I will post again soon. I have pictures from the summer, plus Valya had a big day yesterday in Minneapolis where she took her citizenship oath. Will post more soon.