Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fourth Day With Sergey

(Wednesday 8/6) This was our first full day in Mitchell. We went on a long bike ride to Dairy Queen for lunch. Sergey LOVES to ride bike. And he LOVES ice cream.

Later, Sergey joined Mark and his friends for XBox video games. One of the games I've learned he doesn't like is Guitar Hero. I thought he would love it, since we all do. But, interestingly, the hand-eye coordination that is required is not quite there.

Later, we went to the Mitchell pool. I needed to see for myself Sergey's swimming skills, since we have a Boy Scout camping trip this weekend with canoes. He can't go in the canoes if he can't swim. But I was glad to see that he has no problem swimming and is not afraid of the water.

After swimming, the middle school boys basketball team from Mark's school had an open gym time. Sergey loves basketball. We had about 20 min. of warmups, then we scrimmaged full court with 5 on 5 teams for 40 min. During warmups I gave him a few tips for dribbling, shooting, plus some defense. He took it all in and I saw him using the techniques during the scrimmage, and he even made a basket. He is a fast learner.

At bedtime, we've been reading through the gospel of Luke. We've gotten through the first two chapters now.

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Kevin & Pam said...

It looks like you are having a great time together!