Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where am I?

The video in my previous post ended with "Here am I".

"Here am I."

"Here am I."

But where am I?

Being the hands and feet of Jesus to this world... making a difference... What more can be said? While we were complaining about the weather, others were pounding on the chests of infants in Africa trying to keep them alive. 147,000,000 orphans. 6,000 AIDS children orphaned daily. There are so many needs. Not just in Africa. Next door. Where am I?

Sometimes when I’m in the valley of the shadow of death, I DO fear. When I got the call that Harrington’s oxygen ran out, I was scared. As I drove to the hospital as fast as possible to pick him up, I was scared. Every time I bolted out of my car, I was terrified. And getting back in was even worse. As I knelt over Harrington and pounded on his chest, begging God to bring him back, I felt as though my own heart was stopping. Many times in the past month, I have asked God “Why? Why me? Why here?” and every time without fail, I hear “Because I chose you.” So with a heavy heart I continue… I continue the work that God has called me to because just that, HE has called me! Even when my heart is breaking...

Rene Bach