Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Screw Loose and Fancy Free

What is wrong with this world?!!

The state of international adoptions is in the mainstream news again today. The Associated Press reported today on the sluggish pace of adoptions from China in their story, Waits Lengthen for Adoptions From China. It is unfathomable to me that they would force thousands or millions of abortions with their one-child-per-family law, but are taking multiple years to approve a few thousand adoptions.

In a related story, the Associated Press reported on some other countries, as well, in their article, Adoption Problems in Other Countries.

Alan adds: Found another article, Road to foreign adoption grows longer.


Ashley said...

This is all just so sad. My friends are adopting from China and they are expecting to wait 5 years. They have already redone their fingerprints, updated the 171-H, homestudy, etc..It is so sad that it should take this long when there are so many children that need homes NOW. Let's keep praying for each other that we can bring our kids home soon.

Alan said...

Hi Ashley. Speaking of updating their dossier... I am putting together a spreadsheet to help me keep track of the dates of the items in our dossier and when they expire. I saw a form on the internet somewhere which gave me the idea. I'll talk about it on the blog at a later date. I'll make it available to all somehow.