Monday, April 7, 2008

Hello Kitty

This is Valya, the young lady that we would like to adopt. She is at the Andreyevo-Ivanovka orphanage. We believe that she is 11 or 12 years old. She was a friend of the Tolly girls.

There doesn't seem to be much out on the blogs about Andreyevo. We've been told not many adoptions happen there. That's too bad, because it looks like there are some great kids there.

Andreyevo is about two hours away from Odessa. We know it would be simpler to find a girl in Odessa, because we will already be there to get Sergei, but how could we say no to her?

We are currently looking for people who have had contact with Valya.


adoptedthree said...

The children are beautiful. I hope you are able to adopt them both!

Alan said...

Thanks for stopping by! My you have a lot of material at your site, looks like it will take a while to go through it. Looks like you have three great kids there.

Christine said...

She is beautiful! I wish you the best on your journey. We are adopting from Ukraine too!

Ashley said...

Valya is just precious! I hope you can find people that have had contact with her. May God bless you on this journey of getting Sergei and Valya.

Alan said...

Someone contacted us on the forum that hosted her. Sent them an email, but no response yet. Will keep trying.