Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First Post

Well, here we are. Yesterday, I created this blog to allow us the opportunity to share with you what's going on with our Ukrainian adoptions. I say adoptions, but the arrival of kids seems so far off that it barely seems like that's the point. Since about July of last year, our focus has been on paperwork. Finally, yesterday, our dossier arrived in Kiev to our facilitators, Oleg and Dima. So, we think, completing the first phase of the process. The fate of our adoptions now lies with Oleg and the Ukrainian government. As time goes on, Nancy and I will be sharing what has taken place to get us to this point.


Ashley said...

Congratulations on getting your dossier to Ukraine! I can't wait for that moment for us! We are still in the beginning stages just now starting our paperwork since Grisha will be available this year. Anyway, CONGRATS!

Alan said...