Monday, April 28, 2008


This is Jastin, he is from Tanzania. We have been sponsoring him for the last couple of years through Compassion International. For $32.00 a month we have been making a difference in his life. We send letters back and forth, and when he writes to us, he always draws us a picture. I'll post one in the future.

Now, this is your conscience speaking. Click through the link here and sponsor a kid. I will be a rock in your shoe until you do. You've seen the picture cards and videos, now quit putting it off.

Update: After posting, by coincidence I note that Compassion reached an Historic Milestone in Tanzania. The article also gives a good overview of how the ministry works.

Please - I don't mean the tone of this post to be pushy or insulting. It is just my weird humor. It is a big step to take to commit to sponsoring one of these children. BUT - If it is within your means to do so, I strongly encourage you to consider it. Involve your kids in the selection... They love helping other kids, and they will enjoy corresponding with them. Many of you reading this blog want to help orphans by adopting. Others cannot, but would if they could. Here is a very easy way to make a difference. (Stepping down off the soapbox now)

I am interested to hear from you if you already sponsor a child, or if this post nudged you in that direction. Comments are always welcome.

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Debbie said...

We sponsor a couple of kids, one in Peru and one in the Dominican Republic. I need to write to them more often. They are neat kids!