Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Green Room

I want to introduce you to the young man that we are hoping to adopt. This is Sergei, who is in Orphanage #4 in Odessa. We believe that he is 12 years old. Some of you reading this blog already know him, or know of him, I think. We've received several pictures of Sergei from our friend, and have also noticed some pictures of him in other blogs.

Sergei was almost adopted last year, but the adoption fell through for some reason after the family arrived in Ukraine.

If we could be in Odessa tomorrow to get him, we would do it. As it is, though, we are playing the waiting game.


Debbie said...

Thank you for sharing Sergei's photo with us. I have been praying for him to have a family since last summer. We love Michelle; it's a privilege to pray for her and the great kids God has made it possible for her to love.

Alan said...

Yes Sergei has quite a fan club. The kids in #4 have a great advocate in Michelle. I wish there was another Michelle at Andreevo, but she's one of a kind!

Leslie said...

Sergei was one of the kids I wished I could have smuggled home in my luggage when we went for Kristina. I don't know if Michelle directed you to some photos we took of the class. Sergei's in a few. You can access them here:

Christine said...

What a handsome young man! Hope you get to bring him home soon!

Ashley said...

I am with Leslie. I wish I could have brought Sergei home. I love him so much and he made me laugh every second I was with him.

As Debbie said, we have been praying for so long for a family for Sergei. I am so happy God is answering our prayers for this little boy. He will make a great son. I hope I can call him on the weekends and get together with ya'll someday. Grisha will love seeing his friend.

I apologize that I have not emailed you the pictures yet. I am still trying to get everything together and have not been doing a good job since I came home from Odessa.

Alan said...

According to Michelle, she had a hundred people praying for Sergei. Please don't apologize about the pics. Whenever you send them is fine!