Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Precious One

Life on the streets is not easy for an orphan. The street is where many orphans end up when they age out of the orphanage and are not able to earn a living. The future is bleak for those who can't escape. But there are wonderful missionaries in some places doing what they can to help orphans. Even though they can't adopt them, they are being Jesus' physical presence on Earth to those who otherwise would be very literally loveless. Children's Hopechest is one of these organizations.

Tom Davis tells the sad story of a Russian orphan named Sergei Adveev, from the town of Sobinka. He was a young man who was doing his best to make it in this world, but was murdered by skinheads. Only six people, SIX, came to his funeral. Five if you don't count the priest. And there wouldn't have been any but for the missionaries. Thank you, God, for them.

I love Tom's heart and his writing. I wish I could have 1% of the compassion that he has, and the will to act on it.

Tom is an author. You can read a chapter from his book, Red Letters: Living a Faith that Bleeds here, and watch the video.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alan,

Vocations for Orphans is the organization started by Dale and Sandi Boe (they are from Belle Foursche - I am sure I murdered the spelling on that). That is the project Boyd and I have been building out in Chile. It is a facility for the orphans to learns skills and trades after they turn 16 years old and are no longer able to stay in the orphanage. It is definitely a problem and one that is overlooked too many times.

Hope all is well with you, Nancy and Mark!


P.S. We just attended the adoption workshop this past week. It was really interesting. I just found out there is a sibling group in Chile that will be up for adoption. Boyd and I remember the kids well - - we are trying to figure out if there are any loopholes that they would accept us to adopt them. Who did you and Nancy talk to when you were looking into adopting Daniel? Was it Sister Naomi or Annette?

Alan said...

Hey Sabrina. Wow two kids, wouldn't that make life interesting! We worked with Annette at first, but eventually it boiled down to she gave us Sr. Naomi's email address. From that point on the communication was in Spanish. I can get that address to you if you want it, let me know.