Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wanted: Home for a Doggy Orphan

Once again I have been shirking my blogging responsibilities ;-) Mark has been bugging me to blog about the new addition to our family. But first...

We spent the long 4th of July weekend at the Skoglund family reunion in Lake Norden, SD. We stayed at John and Shirley Larson's Bed & Breakfast on the shores of Lake Norden. The picture in the corner was looking out our room's window. We highly recommend staying with them when you're in the area. We took the WaveRunner and tube along and gave rides to the relatives that wanted to.

Here's a picture of Mark at the Lake Norden spillway.

Here's me, on the left, in a quartet singing the hymn, To God Be the Glory, with David, Doug, and Dean. Thankfully, we don't have audio, because the tenor stunk!

Nancy and her 3 sisters grew up on a farm near Lake Norden. Their parents have passed away, and the farm has been sold, but her sister Valerie and her family still live on a farm there. Seems like there is always cats and kittens at the farm.

As part of the reunion we went on a wagon ride.

Now about that doggy...

Mark's cousin Sabrina took in this little dog from a family that didn't want her anymore. Her name is Sparkle and she's three years old. So she brought her to the reunion hoping to find someone to adopt her. Well it just happened that Mark has been bugging us for a dog, and we were wanting to get one anyway so that the kids we adopt from Ukraine would have one... So, now, Sparkle has moved to Mitchell. She joins our two cats, Patches and Bootsie. Here's a picture of Sabrina giving Sparkle to Mark to take home!

Sabrina and her husband, Boyd, have started the adoption process for adopting 3 kids from Chile.


Anonymous said...

I am hoping things are going well with Sparkle! I was going to email Nancy today to check in and see how she was doing (or how all of you are doing!) It was great seeing all of you this past weekend.


Val said...

Neat pictures! I am glad sparkle is being good!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! I've heard about Sparkles and wanted to see her! Thanks!

Ryan C.

Nancy said...

Just a note about adoptions - we are excited to have Sabrina and Boyd consider the adoption process from Chile and my sister Karen and her husband are also planning to add to their family of 7 - they want to adopt another little boy to grow up with Isaac. They just came back from a month long mission trip from Eucador - working at an orphanage and they may start the process of adopting from there - where they worked and spent time with lots of infants, toddlers and older children.

adoptedthree said...

3 kids from Chile that is inspiring! Sparkle is sweet!