Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hosting Confusion

A few days ago we had a nice conversation with... THE FAMILY HOSTING SERGEI FOR THE SUMMER!

What a mess of confusion.

Frontier Horizon thought we weren't interested anymore because... we didn't adopt him. Sergei thought we weren't going to adopt him because... we haven't come over to get him. The family thought... I'm not sure what. They were as confused as anyone. They just suddenly found out that Sergei needed a host home because "that family from South Dakota isn't adopting him." We found out he was being hosted for the summer by the same family that hosted him last December and we didn't know their intentions. Ugh.

Then they made the effort to track us down and called us. Thank you thank you!

Those of you that know Sergei will understand, I'm sure, that anyone who spends time with him will want to adopt him. By all accounts he is such a great kid. It came as no surprise to us that the host family is interested in adopting him, or maybe I should say was, after talking with us.

Now if you were in our shoes, what what you have said to them?

This is what we said: We want to adopt him, but Ukraine is so unpredictable that we cannot guarantee Sergei that WE will be able to adopt him. If you wish to proceed with adopting him, please do so. I've blogged about this before. What if we don't get that referral? It's possible. Who knows. You know us, if it were up to us, we would have been there last May to get the kids. But it isn't. In telling them to pursue him if they wish, it is not because we don't care about him. It is just the opposite. He will have more of a chance at being adopted if the other weren't able.

I must say that the family was very gracious and kind. And if you're reading this, which I expect, please know that we very much appreciate the concern that you have for Sergei. We both have a desire to see Sergei in a family of his own, no matter which one it is.

One other thing we are excited about is that there may be a possibility to meet him this summer. The host family would like that. Please pray for that option for us.


Debbie said...

I will be praying for you and for Sergei. Ukraine's process seems so crazy that I can understand that no one can promise to come adopt a particular child, as much as we would want to. But oh, I will pray!!

MamaPoRuski said...

Usually the requested profile is shown, we requested our son last year and his was the only profile we were shown, we have again requested the girl we met last year at his orphanage and await our SDA appointment! So good Sergei has those who want him! May God continue to bless your journey!