Monday, June 16, 2008

Got Me a New Dad

Well, well, well... Just got back from a big weekend. Mom got MARRIED last Saturday. Wow it's hard to believe. Andrea has been single for oh, I don't know, almost 40 years now. Then Mac comes along and sweeps her off her feet! Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. MacMillan.

This also means I have a new step-dad and new step-brothers. Never had bro's before so that's kind of neat. One of Mac's sons, Mike, was there, so it was good getting to know him.

I'd have to say that was a good way to spend Father's Day weekend.

The wedding took place in the gazebo at the Black Forest Inn in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The wedding was informal, with a few of Mac and mom's friends and classmates from California and South Dakota in attendance. The Black Forest Inn is on US 385 between Lake Pactola and Sheridan Lake.

I'll post a few more snippets from the trip later this week. I'll leave off with a picture of us. I wanted to wear a tuxedo but the groom would have none of it!

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