Friday, June 6, 2008

Flower Girl

I was glad to come across Josh Via's blog post that describes the funeral for Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter Maria. Maria was a five year old girl from China that the Chapman's adopted and, tragically, was run over in their driveway and died. I avoided mentioning it before, but the description of the service is incredible. One thing that stood out to me was that she was buried in the dress she would have worn as a flower girl in her sister's wedding.

Steven has a tremendous heart for orphans and adoption. Besides being an award-winning recording artist, he is the founder of Shaohannah's Hope, which is a foundation and resource for people that need help with adoption. If you need financial assistance for an adoption, you can apply for a grant.

UPDATE: There is more coverage and pictures of the memorial service here.


Leslie said...

Thanks for the link, Alan. Its humbling to watch the Chapmans glorify God through even this.

Dan & Michelle said...

I know this does not relate to the current post but wanted to leave a "comment" for you :)

We too are trying to adopt a known 12 yr old. I was reading on your blog about UNICEF and trust me I am sick over their methods too. Due to UNICEF giving money for the NUMBER of kids in foster care (which "our" little girl was moved to last yr) the SDA does not want these kids to be internationally adopted. Not sure if you have ever visted our blog but if you'd like to see what this UNICEF, foster care, numbers and SDA is doing to one family, you might be interested in reading about our adoption.

Someone asked me if there was a social worker that would be checking in on "our" little girl, which might give her an oppurtunity to have her voice heart sank. There is NO ONE over there willing to stand up for her that could make a difference :( We will continue to pray.