Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Blah blah blah"

South Dakota and Mitchell are in the news again this weekend. Mitchell, the home of George McGovern and his McGovern Library, hosted Bill Clinton and Barack Obama over the weekend.

Bill Clinton spoke at Dakota Wesleyan University on behalf of Hillary, and Obama spoke on Main Street in front of the Corn Palace on behalf of... himself.

The Clinton family and Obama have been criss-crossing the area trying to drum up support. Neither of these candidates will be getting my vote, though. Even if I had no other reasons (I do), their pro-abortion stance is enough to turn me off.

South Dakota and Montana have the last elections of the presidential primary season. It is interesting, that, for years, South Dakota has tried to have the earliest primary election to try to attract interest in our state. But now that it is last, it is getting all of the attention.

UPDATE: It's ironic that the battle for the Democratic presidential candidate comes down to George McGovern's home state. The whole Democratic superdelegate mechanism was put in place, according to Susan Estrich, to ensure that no more unelectable candidates like George McGovern end up on the Democratic ticket!

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