Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time with the Kids

Today, we took the 2 hr. trip up to Andreyevo to see Valya. We got to spend 3 hours with Valya, with a translator the whole time. In future visits, we may not have a translator. We hung out in a playroom in her dorm.

Today, we used the laptop to show her more pictures of our relatives, school, town, and state. We taught her to play Uno. She had never played that before. We took a bunch of food treats for her to keep.

We had a nice visit. She really didn't have many questions. That will come as she gets to know us better, I'm sure. We tried to explain the paperwork process to her a little bit. Basically told her that it will be awhile before we are able to take her home.

After we left, we got to Odessa in time to see Sergey for a little while. We played games with some of the children there at #4.

Monday, at 7:00 am, we leave for Valya's sister's orphanage. It is a 3-hr. drive one way. It is in Ukraine, but we will go through the country of Moldova to the west. We hope to clear a roadblock to Valya's adoption. Please continue to pray for us. We've received several emails from our dear friends back home who have added us to their prayer lists. We greatly appreciate your concern for us and Valya.

Here's a few pictures from today.

Our sweetie.

Homework in the car ride back to Odessa.

Games and a movie at #4.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that I am praying for you all! -Vicki T. (Mitchell)

MamaPoRuski said...

Praying for safe travels through Moldova, and an effective visit at the orphanage. You did not post the issues but we are praying that God's will would be done as well as ILLUMINATED and granting you peace! God bless!

Jim and Kari said...

Hi. We are in Kherson trying to adopt three unrelated children and have some sibling separation issues also. Hoping and praying it works out for all of us.

Debbie said...

We'll be praying that the situation can be resolved--what a sweet girl she is.

Anonymous said...

we are praying for you five! God will walk ahead and make a path in His time! Looking forward to hearing the exciting praises of your journeys! I bet it is great to hold your new kids! -Heather H.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a sweet girl! Keep believing that God WILL make everything beautiful in His time; and, "nothing is impossible with God"! Carolyn (Mitchell)

Anonymous said...

Nancy - I am so happy to see all of the prayers that are going your way. The Lord knows exactly what is needed. We went through Moldova as well for our adoption. By the time you go through both checkpoints is only 20 minutes.
If you have to end up staying in Ismail, please email me and I can tell you a great place to stay.
I am so excited for your family. Congratulations.

Ashley said...

I am glad you were able to have more time with Valya and see Sergey again. Praying everything gets resolved soon. :)

Thanks for all the hugs you are giving to my precious boy! I really, really appreciate it.