Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No Really, Today

Ukraine has a reputation for confounding all of your plans. It is holding true for us as well. First we were told Monday, then Tuesday, now we are told this morning at 9:00 we will finally have our meetings.

Nothing happened adoptionwise yesterday. We got a call from our facilitator at about 9:15 that it wouldn't be until after 3:00. That came and went and then he called and said it would be today at 9:00. We'll see won't we. The plan as I understand it is to meet with the Inspector, the director of orphanage #4, and the orphanage lawyer, to have our "main meeting" with the child. I assume this is where Sergey needs to indicate that he is willing to be adopted by us and we are willing to adopt him. I'm not quite sure.

No news on the Valya front, hope to be able to bring this up today as well.

Yesterday, the Push's came over to help decorate the apartment for Christmas and to have lunch with us. Our hosts made lasagna and garlic bread. Here is a picture of Mark, Vitaly, and Maria preparing the bread. Maria and Vitaly had never made it before so they had to be shown. They are great kids and I know they will be a blessing to their family.

The Push's have been in Ukraine for 8 weeks and they are expecting 2 more. It has been a long an arduous process for them. They are in good spirits but it is stressful, especially for Ed, regarding his job. Pray for them that they will be able to finish soon.


Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Perhaps today will be the day. I will keep praying that you are able to move forward. Stay strong.

Julie said...

Can I be totally jealous of you all for just one moment? We so wish that we could afford to adopt from Ukraine (or other similar country). Those children are SO luck to have you as their future parents. I'm so enjoying your journey, once again I think you for sharing. Dec. 17 is a very special day for me personally, so I am hoping that it proves to be a special day for you too. You are all in my thought and prayers. Love & hugs, Julie

Patty said...

The process can be frustrating. We can truly empathize. Glad to see you are able to spend time with friends. Hang in there, the end result is worth it!

Kevin & Pam said...

It was great spending an evening meeting you guys. Wish we could have talked longer. Laurie is a great hostess. She made a wonderful pasta meal for us before we left Odessa. I will continue to follow your journey. My prayers are with you guys!

brado said...

Hope all goes well and that things keep moving forward. Reading about your journey together, I can't help but to be jealous of your son Mark - to experience a perspective of life outside the US as a youth and see firsthand how each of us are blessed in different ways - that would be quite eye-opening I would imagine. Take care and best wishes from SD.