Friday, December 12, 2008

No Resolution Yet

We were expecting to travel to Valya's sister's orphanage yesterday. It is 80km from Odessa. Our facilitator said she would come at 10:00, then 12:00, then 2:00, then 3:00, then finally said we wouldn't be able to go until Monday. Until we can visit her sister there will be no resolution to our problem.

Today, we will be visiting Valya for a longer visit. We didn't have much time on our first visit. This will be our first time to really start to bond.

We are not out of the woods yet.

After we found out we wouldn't be able to go on our trip, we walked down to see Sergey. Visiting hours at #4 are from 2-5. We played cards then watched a Jackie Chan movie.

We had the apartment to ourselves last night. There are three residents here, plus us and Matt and Sheila Nasekos. All were gone but us. It's been fun but bustling here in the apartment.


Ashley said...

Praying for a resolution soon. I have been listening to a song and I keep thinking about you as I listen to the words. It is actually about salvation, but I can't help but think about your situation when I listen to it. I hope this helps you in some way. I won't post all the words, but here are a few... It says, "I don't care what the world throws at me now."

"Cause I know my God saved the day

And I know His word never fails

And I know my God made a way for me"

I can't help but believe that God has made a way for you. He is going to save the day. I will not stop praying.

Words from song "Salvation Is Here" by Lincoln Brewtser

Enjoy the time alone and I am happy you will have more time with Valya. :)

Alan said...

Thanks Ashley. You are a great encouragement to us. Heaven knows we need it. Not just us, but many families here right now. I give Grisha a hug every day we see him. He is the sweetest boy. Blessings to you.