Thursday, October 23, 2008

It'll Never Be the Same

I scheduled this entry to post to the blog at 9:00 AM Kiev time.

9:00 on Thursday.

The day that Oleg said he would be submitting our dossier.

Today is our day.

Some time from 9-11.

Can it actually be happening? Will he truly submit it today? These documents we worked on since July of 2007? When the lawyers at the SDA peruse it, will they find it acceptable?

And what if they do?

Do we find out our appointment soon? Do we have to be there soon? Are we ready? I mean REALLY ready?

Up until today, we could have told Oleg no. Don't do it. But now... there's no turning back.

This could be the day where 5 people will look back and say... That was the day that changed our lives forever.

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