Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Certain Uncertaincy

Well, our 2nd dossier is in Ukraine, translated, and now, apparently, gathering dust again.

Information out of there always seems to be conflicting. Here's my latest dialog with Oleg:

Q: [D]o you think you will be able to submit our dossier to the SDA on October 14?

A: Time will show[.] I know that SDA will accept dossier that not in line start from 16 October, but who know when will my line. I sign your dossier to this list.
Hmmm... not too sure what to make of it.


Kevin & Pam said...

Welcome to the probably maybe in a day or week or month or someday maybe probably not game! One thing I am continually relearning is not to hold my breath for anything. It literally can drive a person insane! I keep having to retake the class of patience. When I get anxious and expect ANYTHING I give the devil a chance to start firing his arrows. All I can say, is that the waiting game must be standard so don't feel lonely about it. We will keep you in our prayers that you can be submitted soon. We feel your pain! Pam Greer

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

I am praying that you do get to submit your dossier then. We are anxiously waiting to submit our on the 14th as well.

Keep your fingers crossed.

adoptedthree said...

So frustrating for you. My make of it is that he has other families in line and that when his number is ready then you will be submitted. Just my take only.

drdavid said...

The best I understand is that each facilitator is granted a specific time and date to make submissions. The SDA doesn't always tell them until the last minute when that will be. So right now they (the SDA) has just made a blanket statement that they will take dossiers out of line starting after Oct 16. Oleg just doesn't know what date they will give him. After being here a few weeks I know that I am very thankful that we have Oleg and his team handling our adoption. In this crazy mixed up world they do their best to get things done and often succeed when others fail.
We continue to keep you in our prayers. Just be ready to jump when they say jump. We had only a few days notice, but after waiting for months we were glad for the chance to come. Oleg often doesn't have much more notice than that either.
He just seems a little cooler under the pressure than I am.
We keep you in our prayers. The kids are so worth every bit of our efforts and stress!!!!!!!

Alan said...

Thanks for the info Cindie. Blessings to you...

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Well looks like typical facilitator English to me.(???) I learned to re-ask what our facilitator/s were saying to make sure we understood. We learned the need to clarify very soon in our adoption process, because if we didn't, we always THOUGHT they said the opposite of what they said:0

Know what I mean;)

We'll be praying for you.


MamaPoRuski said...

Praying for yours and ours to get submitted this week! You are in our thoughts every time we hear from our agency and it's not "the call" we've been waiting for! Perhaps God will let us meet up in Ukraine? :)

Alan said...

Deb, yes it would be fun to meet up with bloggy friends in Ukraine!