Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Would Like $20,000 Please

Thanks to all who gave advice about paper money that we will be needing for our trip. As it turns out, since it sounds like we will have a December appointment, I went ahead and ordered brand new bills from our bank. It will be in after Thanksgiving. Apparently, when it comes, I will have to sign something that says that it is not for drugs or terrorism!


MamaPoRuski said...

Be glad yours will even take an order! Ours did last year but this year they said they couldn't guarantee it and we are exchanging what we can in $1K increments. No one uses or wants $50s so those seem to be the easiest crisp clean bills we can get...
Just try to get the money at a time when the bank isn't crowded with your nearest neighbors and they count it out in rows on the counter for you...So excited for you! (We still have not heard from our agency about our submission today :(...)

adoptedthree said...

I think it has something to do with reporting any withdrawals over 10K.

Make sure you have lots of smaller bills too!

Also can you add my kids blog to your links this is their blog now

I would really appreciate it!


Alan said...

Leanna, I made the change. You're special - you now have #1 and #2 entries. Blessings to you!

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Our bank said they would have to do a big order of much more than what we needed to get new money. The money doesn't really have to be totally new, but it is very hard to find really good bills with no folds, tears or marks of any kind. It is nearly impossible to find any bills that aren't folded in the middle. It took us several weeks of exchanging to get the amount we needed. I still look at the money now and hate to spend the really good bills. lol But it doesn't matter here.

We were blessed that our bank just happened to have new fifties when we needed our money the first time.
The only bad thing was that my husband wanted as many hundreds as possible because they would take up less room.

He always wants me to tell people to get one of those ankle holders that has a zipper and straps. I think it is by Lewis and Clark. He bought long socks to go over it. Also, make sure that you put your money in zip lock baggies to protect it. He would cut off the zipper part of a quart size bag and fold it over.

You probably know this, but the amount of money that you have to declare has increased. I'm sorry I can't remember the exact amount, but it is in Euros. (10,000?) I'm guessing that is still per person. That is a really good thing. Then you can just go straight to the green area:)


kim said...

We are in Ukraine right now waiting for our court date. When we went to our bank we did not have to order the money, they just took about 5 days and pulled the bills aside as they found them. They looked for bills in really good shape. Being here now, as we have exchanged money, the banks have not even seemed to care if the bills were new, so 'good condition' seems to be enough. We brought mostly $20s. We have lived in Eastern Europe previously and our experience is that they often don't trust $100 bills because I guess they are easy to counterfeit, so I would recommend not bringing them. All the info about the ankle bags is perfect! Kim