Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fatherless Days

"...his name is
the Lord,
a Father to
the fatherless
a defender of widows."

Psalm 68:5
There's a family in our neighbor-hood going through a divorce right now. Their son is one of Mark's friends. It was a surprise to us, we never saw any obvious signs of trouble in their marriage. The wife is in the process of moving out right now. This is a new dynamic for Mark to experience. As far as I know, this is the first time Mark has seen one of his friends go through a divorce. We'll have to help him work through his feelings about it.

This brought to mind a song by the Newsboys, a popular Christian band. They have this song called Always. I found a video of it on the internet, which I've included here. It's from their Step Up to the Microphone tour, which I saw in Sioux Falls a few years back with our youth group. On the concert DVD, Peter Furler makes an introduction to the song, which is missing from this clip. He said, "Seems like these days, more than any before, we run into a lot of people that go through this life without a father, and without a father figure. The Bible says that God is the father to the fatherless, and he is the defender of widows."

These are some of the lyrics from the song.

It's always the same
You're always to blame
Is there any way around this
I can't see
You walked out on her
You planned to be free
I'm trying not to point the finger
But it's killing me

Take these pieces
Thrown away
Put them together from
Night 'n' day
Washed by the sun
Dried by the rain
To be my father
In the fatherless days
You'll see the words to Psalm 68:5 on the screen behind them.

Check out this video: Newsboys - Always

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Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing the song. I will also be praying for this family and for Mark.