Thursday, May 22, 2008

DossierDates Spreadsheet v1.2

After a conversation with our facilitator, I was able to clarify how the lifetime of the dossier's Power of Attorney document works. As far as I know, this is the only document whose expiration date depends on what you and your facilitator agree on. For example, we specified in our PoA that it was good for 2 years. You may have chosen 1 or 3 years in yours.

I made an update to the DossierDates spreadsheet to include this document, and it also indicates that you should put in your own PoA lifetime.

I also decided to pull out the FBI Fingerprinting documents from the main section, because, while they are important, they are not actually part of the dossier.

I should have emphasized before that this spreadsheet is specific to the United States, due to some of the documents it refers to. If you are from another country, such as Canada or Italy, and wish to see this modified for your country's requirements, please contact me.

You can find the updated version 1.2 files here.

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