Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 8, Goodbyes to Special People

Today is the 8th day of our waiting period.

Went down to #4 to see Sergey today. He is doing well but is EXTREMELY anxious to go to America, as you might imagine. We were in the playroom playing games and about 5:25 one of the workers started furiously yelling at the kids. I mean she was ANGRY. They were supposed to have been upstairs in their classroom working on homework at 5:00. Usually there is a supervisor in their room to make sure they get where they are supposed to be. But Nataliya hasn't been around much since her baby is due soon, and there was no sub today. And I didn't know any better.

As the kids were scrambling to get their things and scattering down the hall, Sergey stayed behind with me a little as I was putting on my shoes and coat. He asked can we go to America in 2 days, and I said no, I'm sorry, it is not possible yet. I told him that when he gets to America the teachers at his school will not yell at him like that. They will love you and pray with you and be kind. What a stark contrast I witnessed today in this miserable place.

I was talking with my friend M today about the teachers at #4, and we both agreed what an opportunity they've blown to have a positive impact on orphans here. I saw Karina Nasekos today and her parents. We asked her if she would miss any of her teachers, and she said no, not one. It's a sorry testament.

I went over to the apartment where the Nasekos' were staying to say goodbye to them. They are heading to Kiev tonight on the overnight train for their US Embassy tasks. After a nice visit with the 3 of them and a prayer, I gave them all a hug and a kiss to Karina. I hope that we will be able to keep Sergey and Karina connected when we are all back in America.

Also stopped in to say goodbye to the Wildeman's. They are leaving with their new 17 y.o. daughter, Vera, for Kiev on the same train as the Nasekos'. They are from Nebraska, which is right next to South Dakota, so maybe we'll be able to touch base occasionally.

Here at the Odessa Executive Suites, that just leaves me and the Swinney's. They are getting close to being done, maybe another week or so left in Odessa. It has been a very long haul for them - they have been in Odessa about 10 weeks so far I think.

Hate to see everyone go, but that's the way it needs to be. Our American adoptive community in Odessa is smaller now. Thank goodness for blogs.


Debbie said...

I have a strange dream, that someday I could be a teacher for orphans, to love them and care for them and help them know that the Lord loves them so much. Maybe that'll be after I am mama to many, many adopted children. I should start my own school!

I am waiting for the day you can take Sergey and Valya home. Let us know if you see our sweet girl back from the "resting place" before you go...I sure hope she can say good-bye to Sergey!

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

It's great to hear from you guys again. In just a short time you will all be home together!!! What a great thought, soooo worth the wait. I am very excited for you to continue your life together!