Saturday, November 8, 2008

Two Weeks

We continue to get ready to go on our trip. We leave two weeks from today. We haven't decided on plane tickets yet. There are so many options to choose. We are planning to leave a couple of days early so that we can spend some time in a European city for a long layover. For security reasons I'm going to be vague about our plans. But we will blog along the way. We are working with Lonnie Rowland for our arrangements. One of the things we want is VIP service at our arrival in Kiev.

A couple of major things we have going on at home right now is some remodeling. Our living room is without carpet and furniture right now. We had to special order the carpet three times. The first two times, the carpet was defective and couldn't be used. The third time, we had to pick out something different. We are going to order the furniture about ½ hr. from now.

And we are also remodeling what will be Valya's room. We finished the painting on Thursday. The carpet goes in on Tuesday. I need to finish putting up the shelves in the closet today, the ceiling fixture, and the blinds. We also need to get girl furniture. We haven't had a girl before. :-) I'll post pictures when we're done. The boys' room is done, we did that one last winter. The picture is me painting the closet.

Last night we wanted to go see the movie Fireproof. But most of South Dakota is having bad weather right now, and the film did not arrive in time for the 7:00 showing, so we went to Madagascar 2 instead.


mommajeane said...

How exciting for you all. We were in Ukraine over Thanksgiving in 2005.. We ate our Thanksgiving meal at a McDonalds in Odessa. A chicken sandwich and cherry pie never tasted so good. We were in Izmail and adopting 3 and that town was 3 hrs away from Odessa. Izmail did not have a Mcdonalds and we were missing home... Really is funny what you think is something to die for when you don't have it... like an American Thankksgiving meal. Blessings for a wonderful trip..

Diana said...

We, too, left an unfinished remodel project and went to Ukraine. We are also really glad we opted to fly one way. Things in Ukraine can be so unpredictable and I know many, many families who have had to throw away their pre-purchased round trip return ticket and buy one-way home anyway.

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Congratulations on receiving your appointment date!:)

Have you talked with Lonnie about booking airfare? He got us some great rates. We were so glad our friends told us that he books airfare too. We had such a hard time getting out of Kiev to come last January. When we went back in March, to get our daughter, we booked our tickets one way through Lonnie. He also booked our tickets back with our daughter at short notice, just a few days.

Take some bungee cords for a clothesline. They come in real handy.


Alan said...

June: Yes we're trying to get tickets throught him. He's probably exasperated with us though, as we haven't accepted any of his itineraries yet!

Jeri said...

Top 10 Reasons London Should be Your Layover City!

10. They speak the same language you do (for the most part)and you'll get plenty of not knowing what's being said in Ukraine.
9. They have a queen and she's not getting any younger so hurry to see her while you still can!
8. It's so cool to drive on the wrong side of the those roundabouts!
7. Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Leeds Castle...need I say more?!
6. Gatwick is one easy airport to get through
5. They still have their own money to save for souveniers
4. Go down to Dover and take a Hydrofoil over the channel to wonderful pastries.
3. Stonehenge...too cool!
2. Because it's MY favorite!
1. You can buy cheap tickets from London to Kyiv from

Alan said...

Jeri: Yes London is in fact what we're looking at!