Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting some rest!

For the first time - I - Nancy- will add a post! I have loved reading Alan's thoughts and all the information he has put on our blog. Many of you know that I am a person with many, many words and Alan is usually a man with few words - so I have enjoyed hearing all of Alan's words in form of his thoughts about this while process that we started 1 and 1/2 years ago. For those who know me - you have heard my thoughts over and over again so - hearing from Alan has been a real gift to me. As you have read - we are in London - Mark and I just got up - for the 2nd time in about 24 hours. When we finally arrived at our hotel - we went to bed - just couldn't stay awake - it was 3 pm London time (9 AM South Dakota time). We slept until 10 PM London time and then went out to find something to eat. Back to bed at 1 AM and just got up at noon today). Alan has been up earlier - doing some Innovative work and blogging and etc. We only get internet in the hotel lobby so he sits down here and works. Mark will be doing some homework tonite - sitting down here as well since any reading assignments were scanned in by Alan before we left - Mark will have the hard copies of the worksheets to do and then Alan will scan them and e-mail them back to the school. School work will be done every chance we get until we get our kids - then it will be harder to keep Mark doing school work. Although, we did buy another laptop so that Mark could use one and kids or Alan could use one at the same time - me ---- I'll just read or whatever!!!!

I'm back - we went and played and now we are back at the hotel -

Ok -we went and took a two hour tour of part of the city (saw Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Tower of London and more) and will continue tomorrow as well. Was fun to see and hear about places you had only read about or heard about on the news. Actually, in Oct of 1986 I was on my way to Nigera to visit my sister Karen and husband Rich and I had a 24 hour layover in London and I took a bus tour while here as well - but this will give us more time to see more. After a couple hours of the tour we got off the tour bus and walked and before we knew it we were in Chinatown! We will continue the tour tomorrow.

Just met a family from Maryland in the lobby here - fun to connect with someone from US. I also spent some time writing in my journal - I have been pondering my thoughts of the wonderful, frightening, awesome and God led adventure we have been on and now it is time to put in down on paper. Kinda like when Mary was told she was pg with Jesus - she pondered all that the angel had told her - I too have been pondering all that this new family unit will be and all that God has planned for it to be.

All for now,

Love to you all,



Ashley said...

It's great to hear from you, Nancy. I am glad all of you are having a great time in London. Mark is a great boy to be doing so much of his work before you get the other children.

How wonderful to meet a family from Maryland there. :)

Looking forward to hearing more of your journey. I am so excited for all of you!!

brado said...

Pretres - we are thinking of you. I can't even begin to imagine the range of emotions you guys must be feeling between excitement, fear of unknown, etc. I hope your trip goes well and I look forward to hearing your progress reports. Enjoy your family adventure, and may God bless you on this journey. I was describing your family and your trip to my parents and it turns out that they know you Nancy - my parents are Dick & Betty Anderson of Cherrybees Floral and they had nothing but nice things to say about you as well - made a great impression with them as I would expect - Take care Pretres.

Alan said...

Ashley and Brad: Thanks for the kind words. I was freaked out about everything before we left but with all of the busyness of getting ready we really had no time to dwell on the magnitude of the process. It has been a good diversion to be here. I was telling Nancy earlier that our time in London has been the easy part. At least we can read the signs and ask questions of people. Tomorrow starts the hard part, culture wise.

brado said...

Just curious - Do you expect to have any Internet connectivity in while in Ukraine?