Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Plans!

Wow! We are going to Ukraine. We got our SDA appt. for Thurs. Nov. 27, which is Thanksgiving! Finally, out of limbo!

Hi Alan,

I received appointment date. You are invited on November 27th. Pls, come on November 26th.

See you soon.


Thanks Oleg! Sergey and Valya, we are coming for you.

I am so excited and I can barely type! I mean that literally. This will be an unforgettable Thanksgiving.


drdavid said...

We couldn't be happier for you and especially for your dear children. Just let us know if we can be of any help to you. We just might still be here!!! The Lord be praised at all times and in all situations!
Truly, if we can be of any help just let us know. We are really getting to know Odessa fairly well at this point. The Norby family and the Push family are here as well.
Congratulations to your family!

Michelle said...

oh wow!!!! we will be in Kiev at the same time!!! yes, let's meet, how cool :)

Jeri said...

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving at McDonalds in Kyiv...seems like just yesterday when it is actually almost eight years ago. Take hand warmers! There will be times you may end up sitting in a car, w/o heat, for hours while waiting for your facilitator/translator to work magic with a petty beauracrat! (Except I think you're going to Odessa which is way south compared to Sumy, which is northeast.)

Okay now my advice to ALL traveling paps...when you are at the SDA, ask to see the files and all photos of your kids. Take a picture of every picture you can! It is so important for them later. When you are in region, do the same.
When you are in region try to find some high school/college age person that speaks pretty good english. They will be a lifeline later for buying stuff there (soooooo much cheaper than buying things here and shipping over) for the kids in your kids groupa. just my .02

Congratulations Pretre family now go get those kids!

Diana said...

Many congratulations to you! May you be blessed with an enjoyable and swift journey!

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Oh wow!! I can't believe you got a date so soon after submission. There seems to be several families that will be in Kiev during that time. Congrats again.

Debbie said...

Slava Bogu! Praise God! How great to give thanks in Kyiv, so close to your kids. Wow.

Love the pic of Sergey; we think he thinks it's a sword. :-) We have that picture too because our sweetie is in it. How we wish we were going at the same time as you! I would love to meet Sergey.

The Lord bless you as you prepare to go.

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!! I am thrilled! Best of luck with getting ready! Does Mark get to go with? Also, we will have to discuss the Sparkle drop-off. We are heading to the Black Hills for THanksgiving . . . when you know what day you will be flying out of Mpls - let me know. Otherwise, we will work out a different exchange plan.


MamaPoRuski said...

Congratulations! What a true Thanksgiving! Praying we aren't too far behind you! God Bless!

Mandy said...

What great news for your whole family :)

Viktor and Inna said...

Hey, congratulations! We also have an appt. on the 28th of November, so we should definately meet... We will probably fly to Ukriane on the 24th to go sightseeing with the boys. Blessings..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Finally! We will continue to pray for all to go well. Tell Nancy that I tried to call tonight.

Anonymous said...

from Val

Amy said...

Turkey Day was lucky for us two years ago! We had our SDA appt that day too!
Enjoy your time in Ukraine!

Best wishes!

Susan & Truman said...

Congrats on finally getting a date! I look forward to reading about your experience while you are there. It will sure be a Thanksgiving to remember!

cara said...

Congratulations, we celebrated Thanksgiving in Odessa three years ago when we adopted Matthew. We had McDonald's. I am hoping we are home by Thanksgiving this time, we have been in Odessa since August. Congratulations again! Cara