Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where's Molly?

"Imagine playing with your little sister one day and the next being told she didn't exist."

Yesterday, our local news ran a story about an Oregan man named Jeff Daley, who gave a presentation at Augustana College about his little sister who had been institutionalized when they were young. 50 years later, he searched for her and found her.

"Three days shy of her third birthday, Daly's parents sent his younger sister, Molly, to an institution."

"He grew up knowing that any mention of his sister meant punishment. His family moved to California and life continued as if nothing had happened. But what happened to Molly haunted him."

He has produced a documentary DVD. You can read more about them on his official website.

The story kind of resonated with me because of what we hear about institutions in Ukraine and other European countries, and yet, this happened in America. You may find this moving.

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TroyW said...

Thanks for posting this story. Hard to imagine!