Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Киев 2011 Time Lapse

See if you can find any places you've visited in Kyiv Ukraine during your adoption(s) in this cool time lapse video.

Киев'2011(Kiev/Ukraine) from ExtremeTV on Vimeo.


Sergey and Tatyana said...

Thank you for sharing! Kiev is beautiful city! We visited most of the places, but hoping during our summer trip to Ukraine, visit more places.

*Thank you for reading and commenting on our blog. Sometimes it's hard to put my thoughts in posts, and I am not the best writer...:)
God Bless you

Healy Family said...

Nothing looked familiar except maybe Independence Square? The entire time we were there (both times...) the city was blanketed in fog and snow and fog. And fog. Did I mention the fog? And I never saw the river in daylight. I think we need to go back. Someday. :) Kiev IS a beautiful city!