Friday, April 8, 2011

Farming in Ukraine

Recently, quite by accident I websurfed into a blog of a Canadian family running a dairy farm in Ukraine. Though Nancy and I aren't farmers, we live in ag country here in South Dakota and both Nancy and my families have farming backgrounds. I have really enjoyed reading the posts from Garry & Teresa Verhoog. I added their blog to my Missionaries blogroll way down there on the bottom left. Nowadays with Facebook it seems harder to find good blogs.

The Verhoog's moved to Ukraine with their teenage boys to help the people in that village near Dnipropetrovsk. I think that is very cool.


Stefanie and Bill said...

I love your blog roll. Just to bring you up to date, we are adopting the teenaged daughter of three of our sons and up to two unknown children. We submit our dossier for the two children 6/30. We hope to do both adoptions at the same time!

MoserUpdates said...

We are planning on traveling in May (no date set, just a guess) and will need reliable internet. My husband will have to work while there, and we aren't taking our son with us, so we want to skype. Since we won't know where we're going to be and the availability of internet services, what would you suggest? I've heard of an air card you can buy there. We looked in to AT&T card, but it was way too expensive. Feel free to point me to one of your posts or to email me at ttunatalie at hotmail dot com.

The McEacherns said...

Hey, Alan. Thanks for maintaining the blog roll. Just used it to find and connect with another Christian family here in Ukraine. Quite a blessing! I love knowing that soon we'll be back under the Recent Successful Adoptions category, listed as McEacherns (10/09 and 04/11)... our family is complete! (It is 10/9 and not 11/9 as you currently have it, but no big deal. Mostly, I'm just glad you keep up the blog roll and that we'll be back in that category soon! Blessings! Marcie

The McEacherns said...

Hey, we're done and home, should you feel so inclined to move us back to the bottom! McEacherns (10/09, 04/11) Blessings!

Jeremiah & Amanda said...

Alan & Nancy,

Have a wonderful Fourth of July! It has been such a blessing getting to know your family. We look forward to catching up with you again soon.

Jeremiah & Amanda

Stefanie and Bill said...

love your blog roll~easy to keep up on what is going on:0
We are submitted at the SDA~waiting for our appt date~ from the latest sounds of things, the show will go on, for now.
Our blog is ready to be moved up on your roll call!!!

The McEacherns said...

Thinking of your family, as we're headed to Sioux Falls for Thanksgiving. Praying things are getting better for you all!