Tuesday, March 29, 2011

He Shows Up Where You Wouldn't Expect

Recently, I completed a long awaited reorganizing of blog links that are not adopting families. I created several new sections way down on the left and one of them is called Ministries / Missionaries / Charities. Tonight, I added a new link in that section to the blog of Andrea Gariepy, a missionary in Ukraine orphanages.

I have recently been posting about how God can use us if only we would say "Here am I". Is the message getting through yet?

I want to post an excerpt from her Feb. newsletter:

"During the past six months I encountered Jesus on a regular basis through His children. I found Jesus in the eyes of the frail, 9-year-old girl lying in a crib who desperately longed for a simple loving touch. I found Jesus in the countless hugs and slobbery kisses of a sweet boy who, although he was rarely shown love, had boundless love to give away to others. I found Jesus in the beautiful face of a tiny baby girl, abandoned simply because she was born with one extra chromosome. I found Jesus in the shouts of a little girl who would run at top speed towards every set of visiting parents, catching a glimpse of what a Daddy is and deeply wanting one of her own.

I went to Ukraine to show love to ‘unwanted’ children and I thank God for the opportunities He gave me to do just that. I cradled abandoned babies in my arms, showered special needs toddlers with the affection they were so desperately missing and told intellectually handicapped teens that God loves them and thinks they’re perfect just the way they are. In the midst of it all I experienced God breaking, molding and transforming my own heart, giving me a love for these kids that is beyond what I can put into words."
Isn't that beautiful? She is encountering the King of the Universe in a little corner of Ukraine. Watch this short video clip then drop by her blog and offer her some encouragement.


andrea said...

Thanks Alan, for sharing the story of "my" kids in Ukraine.

Kari said...

Hi, Alan. It would be great if you could share the link to our local nonprofit, Ukraine Orphan Outreach. We bring orphans from Ukraine to Colorado for three weeks every summer. As a result, 40 kids have been adopted. www.ukraineorphans.org
Kari Volf

Alan said...

@Kari: I added that in there. Sorry for the oversight - I thought it was in there already. I'm aware of what you do along with the Roge's and others. It's awesome.

mikeandmichelle said...

Thanks for all the info, links, etc., you have on your blog. We have learned so much and have enjoyed reading other families' stories. We also hope to connect with other adoptive families that might be traveling when we are. Just wanted to let you know your hard work & time is appreciated.

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

The little boy with Down Syndrome standing at the playpen rail and sucking his fingers is a favorite of mine. All of these children are hungry for love and attention and deserve to have a family, but he breaks my heart. Would someone out there please rescue this little dumpling? Please?