Monday, September 7, 2009

Finally Met the Wolff's

This weekend we attended the huge LifeLight Music Festival in Sioux Falls, where we were able to meet the Wolff family from nearby Iowa. The Wolff's adopted 2 teen girls from Ukraine, in fact from the same orphanage as our son Sergey, #4 in Odessa. We had gotten to know the Wolff's last year through our mutual blogs and emails. Like us, they were stuck in adoption limbo when Ukraine imposed adoption quotas last year. They were a source of encouragement for us as we shared that difficult and frustrating period together. Then, with just a few days notice, they got word of their SDA appt. early last Fall. Their blog during their time in Ukraine was interesting, but they have since removed most of their material. However, they have left a few posts up, including the must-read post on The Lie, which should be required reading for all adoptive parents.

It was fun to finally be able to meet David, Cindie, Anya, and Anastasia. We all said we felt like we knew each other even though we had never actually met before. Ah the wonder of the internet!


The McEacherns said...

Thanks for the link to that post! I hope you had fun at LifeLight. My dad was there, volunteering some and also enjoying the bands. He kept sending me cell pics and text updates. And good weather for the whole weekend there, I heard...a huge blessing in unpredictable SD!

Heidi and Felix said...

That's great! We were in Ukraine at the same time as the Wolff's too. "The Lie" is classic! He's a great writer.

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

How neat. I remember reading most of Mr. Wolff's post. He has such a way of expressing his emotions. I remember feeling so caught up in the moment with his posts. Between the two of you guys, I felt somewhat prepared in what we would meet while in UKraine.

adopting2fromUkraine said...

That's wonderful that you were all able to meet! I have been wondering how they are doing. They all look great!:)


Pam DeFrees said...

Hi there, I thought I'd catch up on the blogs I love to read. One of the boys from #4 is being adopted (so are a few others) but this one is leaving Friday. I just became friends with his mom and gave her your blog address. I'm sure her son,
Andrei and your son, Sergey know each other. I thought Andrei would like to see pictures.
I saw that you went to the Christian concert, which looks incredibly awesome. I knew the Wolff's went and saw a bunch of pictures on facebook. I have another friend who was at that same concert and just think what a small world we have! I know three families who were at the same concert who live NOwhere near me! : )
The other family is Don and Sherri Cork...just wondering if you might possibly know them.
Sorry about your kitty. I know that must have been hard; especially on your son who grew up with him.
thanks for posting the link to "the lie". It was a great insight and will help my heart prepare for adopting my Kostya.
Hi to Sergey!!! : )