Sunday, June 7, 2009

Romaniv Boys Orphanage

Recently, Valya asked me if we could adopt her siblings. I was wondering when this day would come. She has four siblings back in Ukraine still. Two are already adults, but the other two are in two different special needs orphanages. They are twins, older than her. This situation was very difficult for us as we never felt like we could make them part of our family. In the end, the officials agreed, but the situation was very sad.

The other day, the Cornishes posted a link to this article about Ukraine's Romaniv orphanage. The article hits close to home for me.

Romaniv Boys Orphanage
by Barry Rodriguez
World Next Door

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adoptedthree said...

My heart breaks for these children! The saddest part is my son would have probably been moved to such an institution, if we had not adopted him or someone else. He had failure to thrive and without our intervention he never would have come as far as he has. So sad!