Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We've been home with the Ukies for 3 months, but every once in a while I watch them and am amazed that they are part of our family.

The other day I was watching Valya walking down the hallway toward her bedroom, and it struck me how a year ago it was near impossible to envision her here. Back in Ukraine, I never believed that Sergey would be any problem to adopt, and he wasn't. Plus we had gotten to know him since he was Mark's penpal for awhile and we were able to have him stay with us for 2 weeks last summer. But Valya, she was a complete unknown. We hired a stranger in Ukraine to meet with her to find out if she wanted to be adopted... we waited anxiously to hear back from him... then were thrilled to get 4 small photos by email.

Then, when we were in Ukraine we didn't know for sure that we would be able to adopt her until probably 3-4 weeks after we got there... After we got word that all 12 or so of the officials in-region had agreed... I was talking once with our friend M in Odessa about Valya, and she commented how amazing it was that we came all the way from South Dakota and were plucking this girl out of the middle of nowhere in Ukraine. It was incredible - and still seems that way to me.

So, once in a while, I pause and take it all in, and marvel.


Kari said...

I love reading your posts because it sums up what we are going through as well. Life is good. It is hardest on our bio kids right now. I have caught myself looking at Ashley and Joshua and marveling, who is this new person in my house? Joshua stayed at our house last summer. Ashley we picked blind at the SDA, and what a blessing she is. Our circumstances are so similar! It will be interesting to see what the summer holds! So many first for these kids.

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

I understand your feelings. Last year, we didn't even know who, what or when we would have a child and now we have two (boy and girl) feeling our home with life. All the things that we take for granted are marvelous to them. You should have seen their faces when they were introduced to color wonder paper and markers! Such innocence.

Olya said...

I am so excited about your visit to Rapid, we would love to meet your kids!!! Would you guys like to have dinner w/us? I make great Ukrainian food :)

Matthew Nasekos said...

Isn't it amazing to see how our kids "fit" into our family....only God could make that happen!!! Thanks for your post...I am sure that Karina would love to talk to Sergi again if you all have the time. Let us know when a good time is for your family.
In Christ Alone-

MamaPoRuski said...

Amazing! Isn't it so fun to know that God is using all of you to continue his story of love and redemption for all of us! So glad you are continuing to blog! God Bless!