Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poka, Odyesa

We are on the train and the wheels are rolling. We had intended to get 2nd class tickets, but we ended up in 3rd class. They aren't called classes in Russian and Sergey didn't know how to ask for it at the ticket counter. Ooops. I think I am the only person in 3rd class blogging with my cell phone!

Sergey's Godmother stopped by and visited with us on the train until it was time to depart.

We have a seatmate to complete our 4 berths, He is a young guy with a sense of humor, and paired with Sergey, Valya has been laughing nonstop. She is like that.

The next stop in our story: Kiev. Our facilitor in Kiev just called and said that when we arrive at the train station there we will take the kids straight to the medical clinic for the US Embassy's required blood tests and physicals. Looks like we will hit the ground running. I hope we get some sleep tonight.

We are all very glad to be at this point

I was going to post a couple of pictures but they won't go for some reason.


Nataliya said...

Congratulations on getting passports and finally leaving Odessa! Good luck with the medicals and visas!

Don't forget to have an original court degree with you when checking in at the airport.

adopting2fromUkraine said...

YYAAYYY!! You're almost home! How was it in 3rd class? It doesn't sound a lot different than second. We've been in first and second class.

I'll second what Nataliya said. Keep all your papers in your carry-on for passport control. And that very important envelope the Embassy gives you that you ARE NOT to open for customs/passport control on the other side:)

Have a safe trip home!

Jim and Kari said...

We are happy you are so close to completing your adoptions!

David, Donna, Amber & Dasha said...

I'd love to know the difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I think our facilitator bought us 1st class tickets for our trip from Kiev to Odessa on March 5th. Anyone can let me know at dbaskets13ATverizonDOT.net