Friday, September 12, 2008

It's the Time of Year When...

...a grasshopper's thoughts turn to love! I was out walking Sparkle today and these grasshoppers on "dates" were all over the place. I guess I find nature interesting. Proverbs 25:2 says "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter." I suppose this can mean alot of different things, one of which is it's OK and honorable to be a scientist. And I guess that makes me a king today. But I digress.

It's also the time to... send our dossier over to Kiev again. That is - IF WE CAN EVER FINISH GETTING IT UPDATED. This has been like a slow motion wheel that just keeps on turning and never stops.

I mentioned in that LifeLight post that I had news to share with you from our facilitator. On August 3 we had gotten an email from him that we should update our dossier. You may recall that we had let most of our dossier expire, as there hadn't seemed to be any reason to keep it fresh due to having no chance of getting it submitted this year. So when he sent us an email to get it updated, I set to work on it.

Unfortunately, you can't just do it overnight. For example, this was the time that Sergey was with us and we were gone alot. When I called the clinic to get another physical it was 3 weeks before I could get in. Then of course, the lab work took another 2 weeks or so to come back. Then there was a comedy of errors getting the medical reports put together correctly (like last time). We just got the completed ones yesterday.

The news I wanted to share was that Oleg told us that the SDA wants 8-9 months of life on the dossier when it gets submitted. Yikes! This means that the papers need to be updated every 3-4 months. That is terribly inconvenient.

Anyway, I was thinking we could send our dossier out for apostilles, but we had our home study and employment verification documents updated last June (but not sent over). Now with this new requirement they are already too old. I contacted our social worker to get us the third HS update. I hope to have that next week along with the employment forms. It is crazy.

On the positive side, Oleg has hopes that we can get submitted this year yet. From his email:

I have hope submit your dossier in October - November, SDA says that will accept dossiers in this time frame under general line, I think will come a lot facilitators for submit dossiers, and will be very difficult to submit, but I have hope.


Anonymous said...

This is what I heard is happening. The SDA has a quota they must follow for the number of adoptions that are allowed when all is said and done for the year 2008. As they get along toward the end of the year, they are counting up periodically how many adoptions have been completed, figuring out how many more they have left to go, then accepting that many more dossiers. They are parceling out the dossier spots as they are available, until the last adoption allowed by quota is completed. Then they will close down 2008. No one, not even the SDA, knows when the last dossier for 2008 will be accepted. It will happen when the last adoption allowed by quota is completed.

Of course, there is a good chance, depending on how many others are waiting in line before you, that you will get in this year. We know several families already that have. It does seem like the SDA is giving priority in this last minute selection process to siblings of already adopted kids, older kids and special needs. It is hard to say though; the SDA's ways are inscrutable.

We are praying that you get in, this year. We would like to see you when we are over there!

And, you are absolutely right, the document thing is a big pain in the...
--well, the document thing is just a big pain.

Alan said...

David thank you for praying for us.